Abyssina Ethiopian Restaurant

Meat options:

Chicken dish: 

Doro wot (One drum stick marinated in lemon, and then stewed in a delicious spicy berbere sause with onions, garlic, hardboiled egg and a side of cottage cheese.) - $15.00

Beef dishes:

Siga wot (Seasoned lean beef stew with our spicy berbere sauce) - $15.00

Siga fir fir ((Dried beef stewed in berbere sauce, mixed with injera and served with salad.) -$15.00

ktifo (Lean beef, minced and warmed in spiced butter (q'bbe') served tere (raw), lebleb (rare) or tibs (well done) with a side of cottage and mitmita (hot chilli)) - $15.00

Lamb dishes:

 Tibs (Tender, marinated pieces of lamb cooked with pepper, onions, garlic, tomato with a touch of rosemary, served with injera and salad.) - $15.00

Special grilled herbed infused lamb, served with injury and salad - $30.00

All meat combination for 1 (A beef, lamb, and chicken patter served wth injera and salad) - $30.00

Vegetarian options:

Vegetarian combination (Misir wot, shiro, cabbage, dinach and gomen) - $30.00

Ultimate Abyssina combination  (Vegetarian and meat combination served with salad and injera) for 2 - $35.00 / for 4 - $75.00

 Special Ethiopian Traditional Combination (A combination of meat and vegetarian dishes) Iincluding Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Ceremony - $ 120.00






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